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classy covers. (listen)

a mix with a few of my favourite covers (because sometimes, really, we need to face the fact that our favourite songs from our favourite bands could also be amazingly performed by other artists).

Rose Leslie, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington hanging out - Feb. 9, 2014



so a guy gave his friend 10 puns hoping that one of them would make him laugh. sadly, no pun in ten did.



one of my fave scenes from anything

Kit Harington in Esquire UK (February 2014) [x]

Do It.

Funny story: The other day I finally got my mom to start reading Game of Thrones. I noticed she had started a few pages, so I said “and by the way- Eddard and Ned are the same person. It confused me when I started reading” but she was texting when I said this so she repeated it back to me saying, “Neddard and Ed are the same person? Ok.” Close enough.

Cheesy Joke (or pun I guess): I mustache you a question, never mind I’ll shave it for later.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Is that a mirror in your pocket? ‘Cause I can see myself in your pants.

The sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me: Honestly I think the sweetest thing is when people actually remember things I’ve mentioned in the past, in an off-handed comment, and then ask me about it later. Or incorporate it into a gift. That makes me sound like I never get anything sweet haha. But it means a lot to me.

Most romantic/thoughtful thing I’ve done for someone: The first thing that’s coming to mind kind of ties in with the previous question. I went on a date with a guy and he told me his favorite color was purple. So then on the rest of our dates, I wore something purple. Not too fancy, but it was a fun little tie-in. 

If I could rename myself anything: Hmm.. This is a tough question. It wouldn’t be something generic, because growing up I always had to be “Sara B.” not just Sara. So it would be something you don’t hear every day. How about Aria/Arya? Or… I dunno. I’m really unoriginal when it comes to picking a new name. 


It’s official: Drawing the Turtles is a lot of fun.


It’s official: Drawing the Turtles is a lot of fun.